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Art Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Perception of the National Traditions and Rapprochement of the Cultures; Research Paper
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Almaty | 2010 | 56 p.
ISBN 978-601-80091-0-5
Rustam Muzafarov
Asia y el Pacífico

Kazakhstan has the unique feature of ethno-cultural diversity that appeared historically due to multi-ethnic and multi-confessional population's development. Such an environment urges the state to facilitate the revival and development of ethnic cultures and cross-cultural interaction for the benefit of national unity. The adoption of the concept of ethno-cultural education means that the creation of national education system would enhance the idea of cultural and linguistic pluralism, combining the advanced education techniques and information facilities with traditional cultural values. In fact, the educated personality feels real belonging to the historical and cultural traditions of the country.

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Estudios de caso y documentos de investigación
Alfabetización cultural / intercultural / transcultural / multicultural
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Educación Secundaria
Educación Superior
Educación no formal