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Educational Content up Close Examining the Learning Dimensions of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education
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Paris | 2019 | 65 p.
ISBN 978-92-3-100354-7 (eng); ISBN 979-11-9-061502-0 (kor)
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In taking ESD and GCED forward, UNESCO seeks to advance a holistic approach to education that emphasizes three inter-related dimensions of learning – the cognitive, social and emotional and behavioural.
This publication summarizes the findings of a study commissioned by UNESCO to examine if and how these three dimensions of learning and teaching of ESD and GCED are reflected in pre-primary, primary and secondary educational content (ie. national laws, policies and the intended curriculum) in Costa Rica, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Rwanda and Sweden. The outcome of this work shows a major pattern of commitment to the three learning dimensions in the selected countries and across the four education levels, with noteworthy nuances between ESD and GCED.


Тип ресурса: 
Тематические исследования и исследовательские работы
Общество / гражданство / демократия
Права человека / человеческое достоинство
Мир / культура мира
Устойчивое развитие / устойчивость / экология
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Воспитание и образование детей младшего возраста (ВОДМ)
Начальное образование
Среднее образование

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Education for global citizenship; Civic education; Early childhood education; Primary education; Secondary education; ESD; GCED; ECCE