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Digital Citizenship Education: The Policy and Practice in Asia-Pacific Region (International and Comparative Education; Vol. 8)
Место публикации | Год издания | Компиляция: 
Beijing | 2019 | p. 3-10
ISSN 1003-7667
Zhou Xiaoli; Wang Fangzhou
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Beijing Normal University
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© 周小李, 王方舟 2019

With the advent of the network informational age, digital citizenship has gradually become a concept for in-depth exploration. At the same time, the education of digital citizenship has also increasingly become an important part of the education system of many countries around the world. In Asia-Pacific area, UNESCO Bangkok has started to launch the digital citizenship project, while those member states are actively exploring and working on all aspects of relevant policy and practice. As the countries with high information level, Singapore, Australia and Korea have been carrying out better digital citizenship educations, especially in terms of cyber wellness courses, cyber security education and internet addiction prevention and treatment. The status and experience of the digital citizenship education in Asia-Pacific countries can provide some enlightenment for the future advancements of digital citizenship education in China.


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Network informational age; Digital citizenship; Digital citizenship education; Asia-Pacific Region