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Examining the Citizenship Education in the UK from Perspective of Solidarity (Studies in Foreign Education; Vol. 46, No. 7)
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Changchun | 2019 | p. 97-107
ISSN 1006-7469
Tang Kejun
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Northeast Normal University
Азия и Тихий океан
Европа и Северная Америка
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It is claimed to build a cohesive community in plural society because of diversity undermining social cohesion. According to communitarianism, the grounds of solidarity include shared values, loyalty and civic trust. Britain is seen as a plural society which made up of a diverse range of ethnicities, cultures nations and religions. So citizenship education are expected to place emphasis on promoting the fundamental British values national loyalty or patriotism and social trust in schools of the UK, which has caused a number of criticism. It is concluded from examining the approaches of citizenship education and its criticism that a cohesive society depends on an inclusive citizenship.


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