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EIU Best Practices Series No. 13: Integrating Organic Waste Management In Fijian Schools
Место публикации | Год издания | Компиляция: 
Seoul | 2009 | 31 p.
Bulou Daiana Taoba
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Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding
Азия и Тихий океан

This monograph is one of APCEIU's EIU Best Practices Series, which aims to encourage educators, scholars, and activists to implement and share local initiatives on EIU. The Series No.13 introduces a case study of University of the South Pacific PACE’s projects, which showcase students learning about waste management that contribute to environmental protection. As issues of water disposition, rapid urbanization, limited land areas, consumer behavior change, and vulnerable ecosystems are increasingly concerning in the Pacific Island nations, the case highlights the need to educate students on the importance of solid waste management, social responsibility, and global citizenship.

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Тематические исследования и исследовательские работы
Устойчивое развитие / устойчивость / экология

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environmental education; Fiji