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Feasibility Study on Monitoring Global Citizenship Competences in the Asia-Pacific Region (Phase I)
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Seoul | 2020 | 95 p.
Aaron Benavot
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Азия и Тихий океан
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In accordance with SDG 4.7, countries are promoting GCED and other aspects of Target 4.7. It is necessary to measure learner levels and progress in global citizenship competencies to assess the extent to which learners are acquiring knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to global citizenship.

This report is organized into three substantive sections. Section II discusses existing definitions and conceptualization of GCED and GCC drawing on different sources. Section III describes which Asia-Pacific countries are included in this feasibility study and how relevant policy and curriculum documents are identified and analyzed. This section also discusses some common and share features of GCED that emerge from an analysis of country documents. Section IV briefly reviews existing measurement approaches of GCED or related concepts and then proposes a Measurement Framework of GCC for possible use in the A-P region. Section V of the report provides some forward-looking suggestions.


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Global Citizenship Education; Global Citizenship Competence; Education for Sustainable Development; GCED; GCC; ESD