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The Development Trend and Enlightenment of American National Identity Education (Modern University Education; No. 2)
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Changsha | 2020 | p. 78-86
ISSN 1671-1610
Zhang Liguo; Guo Liqiang
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Hunan Higher Education Association; Central South University
Asia y el Pacífico
© 张利国; 郭立强 2020

Influenced by globalization, informationization and cultural diversity, the risk of deconstruction and differentiation of national identity is increasing. In the process of national identity construction, national identity education undoubtedly plays a unique and important role. The United States as one of the countries which carry out education of national identity is more successful, its national identity education presents the concept of education in the process of evolution from “one yuan” to “integration” transformation, education mode transition from “forced” to “invasion”, education field from the “school” to “life” and other typical characteristics of extension, some experience for China’s national identity education has a certain reference and enlightenment. China’s national identity education should adhere to the principle of building common ground while reserving differences. While respecting the diversity of cultures, it should take the forging of common values as the spiritual bond to effectively adjust the contradiction between the unity and diversity of national identity. Adhere to the combination of knowledge and practice, continue to strengthen civic education to shape responsible and active citizens; adhere to the combination of rigor and softness, improve the effectiveness of education with diversified classroom teaching and practical reform; adhere to both internal and external cultivation, deeply understand the core attributes of national identity, and sublimate the understanding and recognition of national identity education with an open vision.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
entendimiento internacional / globalización / educación internacional / interdependencia
inclusión / diversidad
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Educación Secundaria
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National identity education; Civic education; Diversity; US