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Reaffirm the Value Position of Cultivating Qualified Socialist Citizens (The Party Building and Ideological Education in Schools; No. 612)
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Wuhan | 2019 | p. 30-33
ISSN 1007-5968
Du Shizhong; Yan Changrui
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Hubei Education Press
Asia y el Pacífico
© 杜时忠, 闫昌锐 2019

Based on the historical achievements of human democracy practice, especially the arduous course of Chinese patriots’ bloody struggle, the article points out that the citizenship of ordinary Chinese has not come easily. Citizenship means people’s sovereignty, equality between the state and citizens, equality between citizens and citizens, and symmetry of rights and obligations. It has rich connotations in many aspects of law, politics and society. Cultivating qualified socialist citizens is the historical necessity of the development of contemporary China’s democracy, market economy and information society. It is also the most important, fundamental and zeitgeist characteristic of Chinese education. It is the mission of the times to promote the transformation of the Chinese people from subjects to citizens and realize the modernization.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
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Educación Superior
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Socialist citizenship; Citizenship education