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5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship, Health and Well-being (Strand 3)
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| 2021 |

Strand 3– What does progress in transformative education look like – the crucial role of teachers


Plenary session 3

Based on the findings of two global studies conducted by UNESCO and its partners, this session discussed what can be done to support teachers to feel more confident in their role and to effectively facilitate transformative education.


Moderators: Ms Antonia Wulff, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research, Education International, Mr Christophe Cornu, Senior Project Officer, Section of Education for Health and Well-being, UNESCO

  • Mr William Gaudelli, Dean, College of Education & Vice Provost for innovation in education, Lehigh University, USA
  • Mr Carmel Cefai, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Malta, Malta


  • Mr Anil Ramdewor, Ministry of Education, Mauritius
  • Mr Souphap Khounvixay, Advisor, Cabinet Office of the Minister for Education and Sports, Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Ms Miri Yemini, Professor, Department of Educational Policy and Administration, the Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Mr Bert Tuga, President, Philippines Normal University, Philippines
  • Ms Anh Duong Phuong, Teacher and youth activist for gender equality and girls’ rights, Viet Nam
  • Mr Renato Jiménez Cabrera, teacher trainer, the Benemérita Escuela Nacional de Maestros, Mexico


Concurrent sessions 3

The session addressed key action areas in view of advancing the role and building the capacities of teachers to deliver ESD, GCED and education for health and well-being.


Session 3.1Teacher preparedness

Moderator: Dr Jim Taylor, Research Associate, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


  • Dr Dy Samsideth, Deputy Director General for Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia
  • Dr Mieke van Ingelghem, Lecturer, UC Leuven Limburg Teacher Education (UNESCO Associated Schools Network member), Belgium


Session 3.2 – Teaching and learning resources and materials

Moderator: Ms Yumiko Yokozeki, Director, UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA)


  • Mr Dennis Sinyolo, Director, Education International’s African Regional Office
  • Ms Mary Sichangi, Head of Department, Partnerships & Linkages, Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA)
  • Mr Temechegn Engida, Program Officer, UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA)


Session 3.3 – School and community support

Moderator: Mr Carlos Vargas, Chief of Section of Teacher Development, UNESCO

  • Mr Carlos Enrique Rodoriguez Rivas, Head, National Teacher Training Institute, Ministry of Education, El Salvador

  • Dr James Williams, Professor, School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University, USA

  • Mr Kiichi Oyasu, Director, Education Cooperation Department of Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), Japan


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Transformative Education
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