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Transforming Education: An Urgent Political Imperative for Our Collective Future; Vision Statement of the Secretary-General on Transforming Education
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New York | 2022 | 8 p.
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Education is a fundamental human right. It has long held a special place in the hearts and minds of people across the world, and for good reason. Throughout history, it has been a source of personal dignity and empowerment and a driving force for the advancement of social, economic, political, and cultural development.
Yet today, beset by inequalities and struggling to adjust to the needs of the 21st century, education is in crisis. The impacts of this crisis play out over time and often go unseen. But they are profound and will be felt for decades to come. If we are to transform our world by 2030 as envisaged by the Sustainable Development Goals, then the international community must give this crisis the attention it deserves. We must respond decisively, with conviction, imagination, and in solidarity to transform education. Informed by an extensive and inclusive preparatory process, we offer this Vision Statement to Member States and the global public to support our joint efforts towards that transformation, to contribute to the upcoming Summit of the Future, and as a manifesto for collective action.


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