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Challenges of Distance Education Facing Students with Learning Disabilities from the Teachers’ Perspective (Arts for Psychological & Educational Studies; vol. 1, no. 14)
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ذمار | 2022 | p. 77-139
ISSN 2707-5788; eISSN 2708-5775
Abd al-Rahman al-Matroudi; Abdullah Al-Rubaian
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Dhamar University
Estados Árabes
© DU 2022

The current study aimed to identify the challenges of distance education facing students with learning disabilities in the primary schools of Al Qassim region from the teachers’ perspective. The study sample consisted of 92 teachers of learning disabilities (58) males and (34) females. To achieve the study objectives, the descriptive survey method was used by designing a questionnaire to collect the study data. The study revealed many interesting findings, the most important of which is teachers’ insufficient knowledge of the necessary curriculum modifications needed to meet the needs of their students during distance education. The results also revealed statistically significant differences in teachers’ responses to distance education challenges facing students with learning disabilities in the primary schools due to gender differences, in favor of males. Based on these results, it was recommended that effective educational alternatives be provided by educational institutions in the case of communication problems or internet outages. These alternatives would enable students with learning disabilities to continue learning and get the fullest benefits.

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