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The Articulation of Organizational Levels During Interactions of International Students: Current Situation in Various Regions of Quebec (Canada)
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Québec | 2020 | p.13-20
ISSN 1923-919X (numérique)
Jorge Frozzini
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Alterstice (International Journal of Intercultural Research)
Europa y América del Norte


This introduction to the thematic issue presents the state of interactions between international students (IS) and the social agents who rub shoulders with them in various regions of Quebec (Canada) as well as in a locality in Bulgaria. They also propose a theoretical framework that focuses on the articulation of three organizational levels affecting the interactions of IS and therefore their resocialization. This framework also pays particular attention to the management technologies that come into play from the first moments when IEs show their desire to study elsewhere until the moment they leave or settle in the new environment. Intercultural encounters in a context where there is an increase in the presence of IEs are thus influenced by the subtleties of the shaping of social relations, which are favored by the articulations of these organizational levels and the coordination made possible by the management technologies in question. a place to ensure control and follow-up (surveillance) with IEs.


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