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The European Benchmark for Refugee Integration: A Comparative Analysis of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism in 14 EU Countries
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Warsaw | 2019 | 166 p.
ISBN 978-83-7689-338-9
Alexander Wolffhardt; Carmine Conte; Thomas Huddleston
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National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM)
Europa y América del Norte

The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) has published its baseline study presenting a comparative, indicator-based assessment of the refugee integration frameworks of 14 EU countries. The study’s results point out concrete steps that policymakers need to take to build a refugee integration framework in line with international and European standards.
The report evaluates governments’ responses to the challenge of long-term integration of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection. The study considers several dimensions of integration and uses scores to assess relevant provisions at the national level.


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Refugee integration; Refugee integration policies; Integration strategy; Asylum seekers