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Education at a Glance 2019: OECD Indicators
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Paris | 2019 | 493 p.
ISBN: 978-92-64-80398-5
ISSN: 1563-051X
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Education at a Glance is the authoritative source for information on the state of education around the world. It provides data on the structure, finances and performance of education systems across OECD countries and a number of partner economies.

The 2019 edition includes a focus on tertiary education with new indicators on tertiary completion rates, doctoral graduates and their labour market outcomes, and on tertiary admission systems, as well as a dedicated chapter on the Sustainable Development Goal 4.


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Estudios de caso y documentos de investigación
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad / medio ambiente
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Atención y Educación de la Primera Infancia (AEPI)
Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria
Educación Superior

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Education for sustainble development; Statistics; Education system, SDG 4