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1st Capacity-Building Training Workshop for the 6th Batch of the National GCED Lead Teachers

Co-organized by Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea and APCEIU, ‘1st Capacity-Building Workshop for the 6th Batch of the National GCED Lead Teachers’ was held during 13-17th of January, 2020, awarding a letter of appointment to 64 teachers who successfully completed the workshop. Those are representative teachers appointed by 17 MPOEs (Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education) to play pivotal roles in disseminating and implementing global citizenship education (GCED) in Korea.


During five days intensive capacity-building workshop, the GCED lead teachers were engaged with various programmes and activities to learn concepts and themes of GCED in depth and GCED best practice cases at the school level while developing action plans and exploring implementation strategies that reflect the context of their respective regions for further dissemination of GCED.


Launched in the year 2015, Korean GCED Lead Teachers Programme has annually produced 700 national and provincial GCED Lead teachers and over 3,000 teachers across the country are currently carrying out diverse GCED activities in cooperation with their schools and communities and 17 MPOEs.