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Development Strategy of Uzbekistan: Civil Society; Training and Methodology Complex
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Tashkent | 2019 | 302 p.
M.N. Primov; T. Norboev
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Ministry of Higher and Secondary-Specialized Education; Tashkent Institute of Finance
Asia y el Pacífico

The document is a collection of training materials on the conditions and prospects for the development of civil society in Uzbekistan, as well as the implementation of the main directions of the Action Strategy. The document also the role of local governments of citizens, non-governmental non-profit organizations in improving institutions civil society.
A major role in this is played by new socio-political disciplines, which include the “Development Strategy of Uzbekistan. Civil society". This course reveals the basic scientific principles of the formation of civil society and the development strategy of Uzbekistan, analyzes the main stages of transformation, shows the irreversibility of the reforms carried out in the country, and helps to build the civic position of each member of the society. It is organically woven into the humanities system, forming a common logical chain with it; It helps to answer questions of modern policy of our state and to determine the place and role of each person in the grandiose transformations carried out in the country.


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Documentos de política y estrategia
Materiales de enseñanza y aprendizaje
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
Iniciativas transformadoras / pedagogías transformadoras
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Educación Superior

Palabra clave

Civil society; Citizenship; Non-governmental organization; NGO