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Edutech Industry Trends and Implications
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Seongnam | 2020 | p. 18-23
Young-il Gong
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Software Policy & Research Institute

Edutech, combining education with such technologies as artificial intelligence(AI), augmented reality(AR), virtual reality(VR) and blockchains, has been gaining attention. Edutech is considered a market with huge potential as its digitalization is slow in progress. The recent Covid-19 crisis has led our society to make an inevitable choice of contactless education by reopening schools online. It can be an opportunity for the country to take the lead in transforming education into a digitalized one, if we find common ground in society toward digitalization of education, make various edutech to tackle problems in education, and improve institutions to make those changes happen.


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Edutech; ICT; E-learning; Smart learning; Digital learning; Industry trends