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The Development Trend and Enlightenment of Civic Moral Education for British Young People
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Jinan | 2020 | p. 65-71
ISSN 1672-2221
Liu Bingyuan
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Contemporary Education Sciences
Asia y el Pacífico
Europa y América del Norte
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The United Kingdom has launched a national citizenship and moral education curriculum for teenagers has been set up, with emphasis on globalization and diversification of social development. The curriculum is by and large represents citizenship and moral education theory and practice in western democracies. The trend of the development of civic moral education for British young people tells us that it is very important for the government to take the responsibility of education subject to promote effective civic moral education. Nothwithstanding, it is noteworthy the curriculum places significance emphasis on citizenship and moral education in a pluralistic society need to emphasize the cultivation of common values and social moral responsibility of citizens. The content and process of civic moral education should embody citizenship. Social participation is an important way to cultivate citizens' moral practical ability. We should strengthen the professional training of civil moral education teachers.


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Educación Secundaria

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British; Global citizenship education; Moral education; Adolescent