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Hack Media and Information Literacy for better futures
Fecha del evento: 
Lun, 2021/10/04 - Mié, 2021/10/27
Lugar del encuentro: 
Online (Paris)

The 2021 Global Media and Information Literacy Youth Hackathon is an occasion for youth and youth organizations around the world to engage in the creation of innovative MIL learning in meaningful ways. Following the two first successful editions, the third Global Media and Information Literacy Youth Hackathon will be held during Global MIL Week 2021. UNESCO and partners call on youth worldwide to participate in this virtual hackathon to design innovative solutions to a defined set of social challenges.


Youth from local schools, universities, youth centres, and youth organizations, as well as youth leaders from around the globe, are invited to participate by inscribing their teams in the competition. The winning teams and the outcome of the Hackathon will be presented during the Global MIL Week Youth Agenda Forum on 27 October 2021.


Participants will be designing innovative and creative solutions to one of the three challenges below:

1.       Media and Information Literate Youth for a Better Future

2.       Media and Information Literacy within Youth Organizations: Good Practices and Innovative Approaches

3.       Media and Information Literacy Knowledge Development and International Cooperation: Youth as Leaders and Partners


Solution categories, include:

  1. Game
  2. Application/Website
  3. Radio programme/Podcast
  4. Creative community-based intervention (non-technology focused)


Participating teams will comprise 4-7 members (ensuring gender parity).


Eligibility: Any person who is aged between 18 and 35 years and adheres to the values of UNESCO. No previous computer science or coding background is required. Experience and expertise in gaming, mobile application, website and radio / media content development would be an asset.


Registration: To participate, teams shall register through a UNESCO provided registration page. The link will be available on the MIL Week Youth Agenda Forum website.