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Mind the Gap 2: Seeking Safe and Sustainable Solutions for Girls’ Education in Crises
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New York | 2022 | 117 p.
Ruth Naylor; Ella Page; Kate Sims
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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)
© Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) 2022

This report summarizes progress, gaps, challenges and opportunities in improving education and training for girls and women affected by conflict and crisis. This report monitors progress since the first Mind the Gap report and highlights the following thematic areas: distance education and the digital divide, school-related gender-based violence, and girls’ education during climate crisis.

The report aims to support the Charlevoix Declaration on Quality Education’s commitment to enhance the evidence base and monitor progress toward gender-equitable education in crises. The report draws from data on 44 crisis-affected countries, from recent research, and from a set of case studies of interventions in a range of crisis-affected contexts.


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Estudios de caso y documentos de investigación
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
Justicia social / equidad
inclusión / diversidad
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad / medio ambiente
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Atención y Educación de la Primera Infancia (AEPI)
Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria
Educación Superior
Educación Permanente
Educación y Formación Técnica y Profesional (EFTP)
Educación no formal

Palabra clave

Quality education; Gender equality; Girls education; Climate change; Distance learning; Gender-based violence