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From Teaching Craftsmen to Lamplighters: Ignorance and Recovery of Teachers’ Citizenship Education Consciousness (Forum on Contemporary Education; No. 296)
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Changsha | 2020 | p. 39-47
ISSN 1671-8305
Hu Chaoxia; Tang Songlin
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Hunan Academy of Educational Science
Asia y el Pacífico
© 胡超霞, 唐松林 2020

From the perspective of curriculum, there are two major shortcomings of citizenship education in schools in China: civic education replaces complete citizenship education with citizenship cognition, and the path development is inadequate; the concentric focus of citizenship education with other courses is inadequate, and the path expansion is inadequate. From the perspective of teachers, the reason is that the professional orientation of “teaching craftsmen” ignores the self-consciousness of their functions under the background of modern education, which restricts the expansion of their educational horizons. Teachers should be conscious of citizenship education, teach for social harmony and citizen happiness, expand the field of citizenship education, form a learning community, develop toward nature, society and life, build a panoramic, multi-level interlaced world of citizenship education, expand the horizon of disciplinary education, and explore reveal or conceal in subject curriculum resources. The curriculum resources of citizenship education should build a general pattern of citizenship education through the whole staff and the whole curriculum.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
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Educación Superior
Educación y Formación Técnica y Profesional (EFTP)

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Teachers' citizenship education consciousness; Citizenship education field; Learning community; Disciplinary education horizon