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Research on Countermeasures of College Citizenship Education Based on the Return of Service Learning Essence (Journal of Socialist Theory Guide)
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Xi'an | 2017 | p. 108-112
ISSN 1002-7408
Zhang Jianglong; Tan Zuxue; Zhang Xiao
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Shaanxi Provincial Party School of the Communist Party of China
Asia y el Pacífico
© 张江龙, 谭祖雪, 章晓 2017

Service learning has always been closely related to the cultivation of civic sense of responsibility since its birth, and has gradually become an important method of civic education. In the process of introducing and applying service learning in our country, its concept is more and more biased to its essence, or emphasizes service or learning, and it also encounters the dilemma of curriculum setting, role integration and other aspects at the specific operation level. Only by implementing the process of service learning objectives and concepts, the project of curriculum setting, the normalization of students’ reflection, the Sinicization of value elements and other measures, and promoting its localization, can we provide effective method support for college students’ civic education.


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Documentos de investigación / artículos de revistas
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Educación Superior