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A Desirable and Practical Approach to Global Citizenship Education: An Exploration of “Global Storylines” in Scotland (Studies in Foreign Education; Vol. 47, No. 3)
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Changchun | 2020 | p. 108-116
ISSN 1006-7469
Rao Shuqi
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Northeast Normal University
Asia y el Pacífico
Europa y América del Norte
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The problems that global citizenship education has to deal with are threefold. “Global Storylines”, which provides corresponding solutions to practical difficulties, has emerged as the most effective approach to global citizenship education in Scotland. Firstly, global citizenship education has enjoyed a long continuity of government support. Through integrating with the current curriculum landscape, “Global Storylines” experiences secure curriculum status. Secondly, by utilizing “storylines” and educational drama, global society and global issues are introduced in subtle forms, which benefits students’ experienced-based learning. The contradiction between students’ cognitive need and ability is resolved accordingly. Thirdly, WOSDEC as the co-creator of “Global Storylines” offers a professional learning program. Teachers are universally supported in terms of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and being involved in the teaching community of global citizenship education.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
entendimiento internacional / globalización / educación internacional / interdependencia
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Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria
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Global citizenship education; Global storylines; Scottish; GCED