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[Summary] Global Education Monitoring Report Summary 2019: Migration, Displacement and Education: Building Bridges, Not Walls
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Paris | 2018-2019 | 62 p.
ISBN 978-3-940785-94-7; 978-89-94307-91-6 (kor)
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UNESCO; Global Education Monitoring Report Team

This Report points directly to a major challenge: How can teachers be supported to practise inclusion? It offers us fascinating insights into humanity and the age-old phenomenon of migration. I invite you to consider its recommendations and to act on them. This report is a vital toolkit for these compacts. It covers policy issues that address seasonal migrants, rural school consolidation, intercultural curricula, refugee inclusion in national education systems and elimination of segregation, qualifications recognition, targeting of school funding, more effective humanitarian education aid and teacher preparedness for diverse classrooms in emergency, protracted and “new normal” contexts. This summary of the 2019 GEM Report calls on countries to see education as a tool to manage migration and displacement and an opportunity for those needing one.


Tipo de recurso: 
Estudios de caso y documentos de investigación
Alfabetización cultural / intercultural / transcultural / multicultural
Derechos humanos / dignidad humana
entendimiento internacional / globalización / educación internacional / interdependencia
Paz / cultura de paz
Justicia social / equidad
inclusión / diversidad
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Atención y Educación de la Primera Infancia (AEPI)
Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria
Educación Superior
Educación Permanente
Educación y Formación Técnica y Profesional (EFTP)
Educación no formal

Palabra clave

Refugee education; Refugees and migrants; Educational discrimination; Universal Education
GEM Report 2019