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SDG Dialogue Series
Date de l’évènement: 
mer, 2021/06/30 - sam, 2021/07/31
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay out the collective goals of all countries to make the world a better place. There are 17 SDGs designed to address the environmental, social, economic, and political issues facing the world. Increasingly they guide the global policy agenda and communal efforts to secure peace and prosperity for people and planet, now and into the future. Knowledge of these SDGs is hugely valuable for any young person who wants to create a positive impact in the world.




The Generation Global SDG Dialogue Series is an online program for young people ages 13-17 to learn about select SDGs through the experience of intercultural dialogue on some of the most significant topics and events of today. There is no cost to join the series and the program will cover four SDGs spread over a four week period.


To take part, participants will need to sign up by clicking on the button at the end of this page before the deadline on 23 June 2021. In the registration form, there is an option to choose one or more of the following SDGs:

SDG 1, SDG 10, SDG 13, SDG 16


For each week, participants will take part in the following activities:

  • Review a briefing on the SDG
  • Complete the corresponding online topic on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure
  • Participate in a video conference with peers around the world
  • Submit a reflection




  • June 23rd: Deadline to apply
  • June 30th: Orientation session
  • July 5th – 11th: SDG #1: No poverty (topic 1)
  • July 12th – 18th: SDG #10: Reduce Inequality (topic 2)
  • July 19th – 25th: SDG #13: Climate Action (topic 3)
  • July 26th – 31st: SDG #16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (topic 4)



  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with a camera and microphone to participate in video conferences
  • A stable internet connection
  • About three hours of your time per week for each topic you want to participate in
  • Register and complete the Learning Dojo on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure. This is an interactive platform that leads young people through a game to learn the skills of intercultural dialogue and participate in forums focused on a variety of global topics and issues.


Note: Participants who have previously registered for the UDA will not have to do so again. Also, participants who have already completed the Learning Dojo will not have to complete this again!




All participants taking part in the series will receive:

  • A certificate highlighting each SDG that you complete, certifying your foundational knowledge of those SDGs and application of dialogue skills. This will be great to add to your resume and college applications or to showcase to teachers, parents, family and friends!
  • A special digital badge for any participant who completes all four topics!




Through joining the series, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of globally significant issues and current events, as well as foundational knowledge of these SDGs;
  • Boost your experience in applying the five core skills of dialogue - Global communication, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Questioning, and Reflection;
  • Make connections with peers all over the world and learn from each other, hearing real stories about the way the SDGs manifest in people's lives.




To join the series, simply sign up by clicking on the button below before 23 June 2021. You will see a confirmation message after submitting the form. In the registration form, remember to choose the SDGs you want to learn about – you can choose one or more. For any questions, please email sdgseries@generation.global.


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