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Roadmap for Integrating Global Citizenship and Liberation History in Teaching and Learning in SADC Member States
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Newlands | 2021 | 26 p.
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© UNESCO 2021

The Roadmap for integrating GCED and SALH in teaching and learning in SADC member states is grounded in two visions:

  • Identify common values and learning outcomes that can be advanced by GCED and SALH, with a view of promoting the sense of belonging, solidarity, and regional identity and integration.
  • Guide education planners and practitioners to mobilize the GCED and SALH contents to contribute to the
  • SADC vision of reconciliation, social cohesion, resilience, peace, solidarity, development, and freedom for future generations through promoting an education that equips young people with skills, values, knowledge, behaviours, and attitudes that critically and creatively address today’s local, national, regional, and global challenges through an inclusive lens.


The objectives of this Roadmap are to:

  • Provide general guidance and steps for the integration of SALH and GCED in curricula and teaching and learning practices in SADC member states;
  • Provide articulations between the regional and local philosophical concepts and the GCED core values, such as ubuntu, to support a contextualized teaching of GCED values;
  • Support countries to identify priority topics and steps towards integrating GCED and SALH in education policies in a manner that highlights the regional dimensions of liberation history, as well as universal values;
  • Propose learning outcomes and competencies as well as teaching and learning approaches for GCED and SALH; Provide guidance on integration of GCED and SALH in teacher education programmes, as well as possible assessment methods.


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