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Summary of the World Report on Disability
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جنيف | 2011 | 28 p.
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WHO; World Bank

The World Health Organization and the World Bank jointly produced this global report on disability, in order to present the evidence needed to develop innovative policies and programs capable of improving the lives of people with disabilities, and to facilitate the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that was activated in May of 2008. The World Report provides a definition of disability as an umbrella term that includes under its umbrella various forms of organ impairment/dysfunction, limited activity, and participation limitations. The term disability also refers to the negative features of the interaction between individuals with a health condition (such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or depression), and between personal and environmental factors (such as negative attitudes, lack of access to transportation and public buildings, and limited social support).

It then presents suggestions for steps that can be taken by all concerned parties - including governments, civil society organizations, and organizations of persons with disabilities - in order to create enabling environments, develop rehabilitation and support services, ensure adequate social protection, launch comprehensive policies and programs, and activate new standards and legislation List, for the benefit of people with disabilities and society at large. People with disabilities should be the centerpiece of these endeavours. It also sheds light on the various obstacles and barriers faced by persons with disabilities - obstacles related to the attitudes and trends they encounter, and physical and financial obstacles - all of which are easy to deal with and address. It provides recommendations for action at the local, national and international levels, and is thus an invaluable tool.


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Rapports et évaluations de programmes
Droits de l’homme / dignité humaine
Justice sociale / équité
Inclusion / diversité
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Disability; Persons with disabilities; Society