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Education for The Future: The Global Experience of Developing 21st Century Skills and Competencies
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الدوحة | 2015 | 94 ص.
Liu Jian
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Qater Foundation
États Arabes

This report aims to provide policy makers, education leaders, and researchers with a comprehensive understanding of the meaning, formation, and implementation of twenty-first century competencies around the world. The competency frameworks of five international organizations and 24 economic entities have been investigated, and official references are available in more than eight languages. This research has five important objectives:
1. Identify the driving forces behind these competencies,
2. Analysis of the elements and structure of these frameworks,
3. Research the implementation of these frameworks in education,
4. Discussing the necessary support from the governmental and social sectors,
5. Suggesting strategies and ideas to enhance, develop and apply these competencies.

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Déclarations et instruments normatifs
Outils et guides pratique
Multilinguisme / bilinguisme / langue maternelle Inclusion/diversité
Initiatives transformatrices / pédagogies transformatrices
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Éducation non formelle


Future Skills, 21st Century