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Global Education to Improve the World: How to Promote Citizenship from School
Location of production | Year of production | Running time: 
La Paz | 2021 | 1:25:37 (1hr 25min 37sec)
Fernando Reimers


Giving priority to global education would help make what is learned in school relevant, more current and attractive for both male and female students and their educators. This video offers an overview of this topic and the multidimensional theoretical model of global education that places teachers, administrators and other members of the educational community at the center of the definition of what the education of global citizens should be and how should develop. Its objective is to provide guidance on how to educate students with a global mindset so that they are competent and responsible when acting in the face of the global challenges of their time.




Type de ressource: 
Matériels audiovisuels
Instruction civique / citoyenneté / démocratie
Compréhension internationale / Mondialisation / éducation internationale / interdépendance
Niveau d'éducation: 
Enseignement supérieur


Citizenship; Global citizenship education; Globalization; Cultural dialogue