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International Guarantees to Protect the Right to Education in International Humanitarian Law (Thi Qar Arts Journal; vol. 33, no. 1)
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ذي قار | 2019 | p. 288-303
ISSN 2073-6584 (Print); ISSN 2709-794X (Online)
Firas Jasim
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Dhi Qar University
États Arabes
DQU 2019

The right to education is one of the most important human rights that international law is keen to ensure its protection in times of peace and armed conflicts. International humanitarian law, along with other legal systems, reinforces legal provisions aimed at ensuring that individuals obtain their right to education, which is often violated in situations of armed conflict. The research was divided into three sections, the first included the concept of the right to education, while the second dealt with the mechanisms of international humanitarian law in protecting the right to education, while the third section presented legal means to confront violations of the right to education.

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Documents de recherche / articles de journaux
Droits de l'homme
Mondialisation et justice sociale / compréhension internationale
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Enseignement supérieur