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Orienter l'enseignement et la formation techniques et professionnels vers le développement durable: un document de discussion
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Bonn | 2006 | 46p
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The current Discussion Paper on “Orienting Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Sustainable Development” presents an overview of key concepts, trends and issues in the field of TVET for sustainable development. It has been prepared by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, in consultation with a number of UNEVOC Centres and partner agencies and several leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners working in this field. This paper reflects the outcomes of discussions that took place at the UNESCO International Experts Meeting on “Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability”, which was held in Bonn, Germany, in October 2004. The current document is based on the discussion paper prepared for the UNESCO International Experts Meeting, and was modified in the light of the outcomes of this important meeting.

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Études de cas et documents de recherche
Développement durable / durabilité / environnement


technical and vocational education; vocational training; education and employment; education and development; education for sustainable development
sustainable development; sustainability; environmental education; global citizenship education