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European Ecovillage Conference 2019
Date de l’évènement: 
dim, 2019/07/14 - mer, 2019/07/17
Lieu(ou Endroit): 
Sovicille, Italy
© Global Ecovillage Network


Date: 14 – 17 July 2019


Location: La Comune di Bagnaia, Localitá Ancaiano, Sovicille, SI, 53018, Italy


Language: English


Areas: Art & Celebration, Contextualised Design, Diversity & Cohesion, Planetary Boundaries, Vision & Purpose, Wisdom & Innovation



Every year, hundreds of ecovillagers and seekers from across the world come together to share, participate, discover and celebrate at the European Ecovillage Conference.


This year, after two successful years in the north of Europe, GEN Europe is delighted to head south to Tuscany and long-standing GEN member La Comune di Bagnaia.


A co-creation between GEN Europe, La Comune di Bagnaia and the Italian Ecovillage Network (RIVE), this year the gathering will take place from July 14-17 and celebrates the host community’s core values:  “Ecovillages in the world, the world in ecovillages: peace, ecology and social justice”.


The 2019 gathering will place special attention upon practical participation, action and solidarity, so we may stand together strengthened by our unity and diversity, to address the great challenges of our time. GEN Europe warmly invites all ecovillagers, explorers, members of our sister movements and all those who are working towards a transition to a regenerative, more beautiful world, to join us in Tuscany.