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Preventive Education for Educational Institutions in Confronting Ideological Extremism
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القاهرة | 2015 | p. 241-298
ISSN 2356-9883
Muhammad Hassan
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Ain Shams University
États Arabes

The problem in this study is summarized by the following question: How do educational institutions face the problem of ideological extremism through preventive education? Hence, the study aims to achieve some benefits for those interested in education and confronting extremism, such as: 1) Identifying the concepts of extremism and preventive education in facing it. 2) Identify the dangers of the phenomenon of intellectual extremism and its effects among members of society. 3) Identifying the most prominent regional challenges that have a direct impact on spreading deviant thought. 4) Standing on the educational role in confronting this phenomenon, as represented by some educational institutions. 5) Highlighting some educational requirements in preventing the dangers of intellectual extremism.

This study relies on the analytical descriptive approach. After the study procedures, which included the following: Preventive education and the challenges of the times, where the concept of education, its importance, objectives and fields, and contemporary intellectual challenges affecting the subject of study were presented, and then intellectual extremism: its concept of its causes and dangers, moving to the requirements of the preventive role of education in facing intellectual extremism. The study concluded the following: Intellectual extremism does not express a situation isolated from the general social and cultural context, but rather the necessity of one of its direct or implicit results. Hence, any treatment of intellectual extremism must be aware of the reality of the family, school, university, mosque, and cultural and media production. The more treatments are directed horizontally, noting the different dimensions and elements, the more feasible and beneficial the results will be.


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extrémisme violent par l'éducation
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Preventive education; Intellectual extremism; Educational institutions; PVE-E