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Addressing Hate Speech and Racial Discrimination through Education (SangSaeng no.57, 2021)
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Seoul | 2023 | 51p.
ISSN 1599-4880
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APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding)
Asia and the Pacific

Today, humanity is faced with various multifaceted challenges such as climate change, increasing inequality, hate speech and racial discrimination. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has crudely manifested those problems and further highlighted the acute need for concerted efforts to address them. In this context, SangSaeng No. 57 focuses on “Addressing Hate Speech and Racial Discrimination through Education” to provide readers with opportunities to reflect on these salient issues.  



03  Editor’s Note


04   Special Column

From Hatred to Reconciliation - Learning from Rwanda / Freddy Mutanguha 


08   FOCUS: Addressing Hate Speech and Racial Discrimination through Education

  • 08 Confronting Hate Speech - Thoughts, Challenges, Proposals from Educational Perspective / Gabriela Martini Armengol

  • 12 Missing Link in Global Citizenship Education – Taking into Account Identities, Alterities and Citizenships Hurt by Systemic and Chronic Racism / Gina Thesee

  • 16 Moving from Hate and Discrimination to Greater Humanity – Increasing Need for Empathy Education / Pat Dolan

  • 19 But What Can I Do? - Educational Responses to Hate Speech / Felisa Tibbitts


23  Best Practices

  • 23 Learning Democracy at Utoya - Young People’s Response to Hate and Extremism / Ingrid Aspelund

  • 26 Combatting Hate Speech – Experiences and Lessons from South Sudan / Marina Modi


29  Special Report

  • 29 Setting out Priorities for Addressing Hate Speech Through Educationt - Highlights of the Multi-Stakeholder Forum and Global Education Ministers Conference on Addressing Hate Speech through Education / UNESCO  

  • 32 Call for Global Action towards Transforming the World through Education - Highlights of the 5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education / APCEIU and UNESCO


35  Story Time

Grandfather’s Funeral / Sudipa Charkraverty


38  Peace in My Memory

Peace Turned into Pain / An anonymous contributor from Afghanistan


42  Understanding the Asia and the Pacific

Mha Puja, Practicing Respect / Sharareh Bajracharya and Sanjeev Maharjan


45  Youth Network 

Youth Tackling Hate Speech and Racial Discrimination / GCED Youth Network Core Team


48   Letter

Reflections on Hate Speech and GCED / Sengpapah Holanouphab


50   APCEIU in Action

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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Human rights
Peace / Culture of peace
Preventing violent extremism / genocide
Sustainable development / sustainability
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citizenship education
hate speech