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COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Citizenship Education (SangSaeng no.54, 2020)
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Seoul | 2023 | 51p.
ISSN 1599-4880
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APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding)
Asia and the Pacific

Considering the significance of the global pandemic crisis, the 54th edition of SangSaeng focuses on the “COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Citizenship Education.” This issue invites readers to explore how the pandemic has affected the global community and reflect on how we should and can work together to address our common, multifaceted challenges while enhancing global citizenship and solidarity.



03   Editor’s Note

04   Special Column

     What Changes Do We Want in the Post-Coronavirus World? / Hyun Mook Lim


08   FOCUS: COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Citizenship Education

  • 08 Reflecting on Global Citizenship Education in the Era of the Pandemic / Soon-Yong Pak
  • 12 Choosing Our Post-Pandemic World / Ilan Kelman
  • 16 Political Economy of COVID-19 and Global Cooperation / Chang-Yup Kim
  • 21 Peace in the Time of Global Pandemic / Yonas Adaye Adeto
  • 25 The Pandemic Stall of 2020 / Virginia A. Miralao
  • 30 Marine Conservation Efforts in Uncertain Times / Kerstin Forsberg
  • 35 Plague, Prejudice and Protest: The Role of Education in Pandemic World / Lynn Davies
  • 39 Media and Information Literacy Matters in Preparing for Post-Pandemic World / Divina Frau-Meigs


44   GCED Youth Network

Youth Voices on the COVID-19 Pandemic and a New Work / Diego Manrique, Tshering Zangmo and Zanji Sinkala in collaboration with Hadi Althib


50   APCEIU in Action

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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Sustainable development / sustainability
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citizenship education