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From Sustainable Development According to Brundtland to Sustainability as Biomimicry
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Bilbao | [2014] | 59 p.
ISBN 978-84-89916-92-0
Roberto Bermejo Gómez de Segura
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Hegoa: Institute for International Cooperation and Development Studies
Europe and North America
© Roberto Bermejo Gómez de Segura 2014

This text aims to analyze the concept of sustainability, starting from the concept of sustainable development of the Brundtland Report, and using this as a measuring stick of what government institutions raise on the subject directly or through the agreements of the world conferences. In addition, the academic debate on the concept of sustainability is reviewed, to go on to present its interpretation as an imitation of nature and the epistemological transformations that it causes in neoclassical economics. Finally, the factors that are proposed to generate the transformation are briefly evaluated.


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Policy and strategy materials
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Lifelong learning


Sustainable development; Nature; Economic system