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The Effect of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs on Behavioral Problems among Children with Disabilities and the Quality of Life of their Families
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Jordan | 2022 | 275-300 p.
Mohammad Abedel Hameed
Arab States

This study aimed at revealing the impact of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs on behavioral problems of children with disabilities and the quality of life of their families. A sample consisting of (115) families (75 beneficiary families and 40 non-beneficiary families). A behavioral problem scale and a quality of life (QoL) measure were applied. Results indicated statistically significant differences in the degree of behavioral problems between the beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries of CBR in favor of the first group, where the degree of behavioral problems among the children of the beneficiary families was medium, while it was high among the children of non-beneficial families, in addition to differences in the degree behavioral problems attributed to the duration of received services in favor of the longer duration, and no differences attributed to the child gender. Results also indicated statistically significant differences in QoL of families due to receiving CBR services, and the differences were in favor of beneficiary families with average QoL on all dimensions while it was low for non-beneficiary families on all dimensions except for health status.

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Lifelong learning
community-based rehabilitation (CBR)
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