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Focus on Global Common Good:The New International Research Trend on World Citizenship Education
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Shenyang | 2018 | p. 106-111
Song qiang; Rao congman
Asia and the Pacific

Globalization has posed challenges for national-states to develop traditional citizenship education. To develop the citizenship education in the world needs to regard education and knowledge as global common good, surpass short- term benefit,and promote learners to be world citizens by 2030. Start with the dialectical logic on global benefit and national benefit,the researches of world citizenship education focus on“human rights protection and joint development”,“from national identity to world identity”,“from global governance to world government”, and “western universal mind vs. multi- civilizations intergrowth”. Chinese citizenship education needs to reinforce the national identity in socialism national citizenship education; cultivateing socialism world citizenship and promoteing international discourse power;seek human common good and build community of common destiny for all mankind.

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Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Human rights / Human dignity
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Inclusive / Diversity
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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World citizen; Citizenship education; Global citizenship education; Chinese citizenship education; Global common good
世界公民; 公民教育