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Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED 2023: Follow-Up Activity Report
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Seoul | 2023 | 34 p.
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This report summarizes 15 GCED projects implemented by the selected mentees/grantees of APCElU's 8th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED on 13-21 July 2023. The projects include teacher training workshops, curriculum development, school-based activities, and community development projects, undertaken by educators, teachers, and practitioners in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The mentees/grantees first participated in the 8th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED in August 2023. After completing the Workshop, graduates submitted GCED proposals to be selected as grantees/mentees. The selected 15 mentees/grantees were matched with expert mentors who guided them in their project development and implementation. This report describes the summary of 15 projects held in different corners of the world along with their outputs.

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Conference and programme reports
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Sustainable development / sustainability
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Higher education
Lifelong learning
Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
global citizenship education
education for sustainable development