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The Digitization of School Through the Prism of Citizenship
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Montréal | 2021 | p.64-82
ISSN 2561-1488 (numérique)
Lionel Alvarez; Mathieu Payn
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Ethics in Education and Training
Europe and North America


Digital devices have colonized many facets of our daily lives, and compulsory schools are now appropriating this evolution. The announced learning goals are often associated with the notion of digital citizenship. At the same time, educational institutions are defining the digital learning environments that teachers and students must adopt. Positioning themselves in the digital humanities, the authors question the posted definitions of digital citizenship, confront them with the sui generis nature of the digital and its industry, and finally question the connection between these and the public school. Issues of citizen empowerment, autonomy, and governance serve the analysis and allow us to conclude that it is necessary to debate the pedagogical-digital contradictions.


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Research papers / journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
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Primary education
Secondary education