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Media and Information Literacy and Fostering Global Citizenship (SangSaeng no.56, 2021)
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Seoul | 2023 | 51p.
ISSN 1599-4880
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APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding)
Asia and the Pacific

In today’s digital age, we increasingly rely on media content and information mostly shared online to keep us informed and connected. Those issues of hate speech and stigma during the COVID-19 pandemic are closely related to the spread of fake news and disinformation. Thus, media and information literacy (MIL) has become more crucial than ever for global citizenship. In this context, the 56th edition of SangSaeng focuses on “Media and Information Literacy and Fostering Global Citizenship.”




03   Editor’s Note


04   Special Column


Media and Information Literacy to Ensure Rights, Freedoms / Milena Dragicevic Sesic


09   FOCUS: Media and Information Literacy and Fostering Global Citizenship

  • 09 Inclusive Media Education Promotes Media and Information Literacy / Sirkku Kotilainen
  • 13 Emotional Awareness in Age of Misinformation and Media and Information Literacy / Lisa van Wyk
  • 17 Empowering Youth to Shape Our Digital Future / Amie Kim
  • 20 A Narrative in Peace(s) / Bushra Ebadi


25   Best Practices

  • 25 Building a FaMiLLi* of MIL Educators in Namibia and Beyond / Uajorokisa Akwenye
  • 29 Youth Promoting Literacy for Life through HILA Alliance / Beatrice Bonami


33   Special Report

  • 33 Peace as an End and a Process – Dialogue with Dr. Betty Reardon on Peace Education / APCEIU
  • 38 Learn for Our Planet, Act for Sustainability – Highlights of World Conference on ESD / Alexander Leicht and Won Jung Byun


42   Story Time

Galap & Jomo / Sirhajwan Idek


44   GCED Youth Network

Yes, We Hear You, We See You / GCED Youth Network Core Group


48   Letter

Fostering Cultural and Language Diversity in Georgia / Marika Sikharulidze


50   APCEIU in Action

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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Sustainable development / sustainability
Media & information literacy / digital citizenship
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Media and information literacy
citizenship education