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Our Forest, Our Future
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This material helps teachers and pupils to explore the interdependence of people and forests and the vital role forests play in sustaining our environment – in the past, the present and hopefully the future. The Scots Pine forests in Scotland and the Congo Basin rainforest in Africa provide case studies through which pupils will begin to understand why our forests are under threat and the implications for our planet.

In making connections between consumerism, people and the environment, pupils will be encouraged to see how they and their actions have an impact on the lives of others globally. It encourages reflection on the possible futures of the world's forests and ways of taking positive actions for a future where people and forests co-exist in a sustainable way. The resource is structured around a global citizenship framework devised by Oxfam.



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Teaching and learning materials
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Primary education
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Global Citizenship Education; Forest; SDGs; GCE; Scotland; Congo