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Poverty Causes and Effects: Tareq Neighborhood as a Model
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Babylon | 2017 | p. 401-424
Khawla Chareeb Faraj
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University of Babylon
Arab States

The phenomenon of poverty is one of the most important social and economic phenomena that has become the thinking of many economists and politicians, and some local and international institutions, such as the World Bank and the United Nations, has become one of the most important topics on the agenda of the United Nations conferences to attract the attention of the world, The third is the seriousness of this phenomenon, the need to limit its effects, and the attempt to eliminate it, through the followers of economic and social policies, commensurate with the capabilities and possibilities of these countries, and despite the global attention to the problem of poverty, but it continues to spread widely in most The countries of the world and there are still differences around the concept of poverty, methods of measurement, and the means to eliminate it and the reasons that lead to it, and this research aims to identify the different concepts of poverty and the poor.


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Poverty; The poor; Absolute poverty; International poverty line