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Self-Training Manual on Access to Justice and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
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San José | 2011 | 110 p.
ISBN 978-9968-611-76-3
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Inter-American Institute of Human rights (IIDH)
Latin America and the Caribbean
© Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos 2010

This manual presents the work of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights on economic, social and cultural rights from all possible approaches, in all settings and above all, with the clarity that they should be universal and inclusive knowledge. In this sense, the main challenge is to ensure that people in conditions of greater vulnerability have simple references of what their rights are as groups, how to recognize them, protect them and how to claim them, both within national justice and before international organizations for the protection of human rights.



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Toolkits and practical guides
Human rights / Human dignity
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Social justice / Equity
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Globalization; Human rights; Economic system; Social justice