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Transforming Education and Shaping Our Futures Together (SangSaeng no.58, 2022)
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Seoul | | 51p.
ISSN 1599-4880
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APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding)
Asia and the Pacific

As humanity is facing unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges, positive changes are necessary. And education plays a key role in adapting and responding to a changing world as it can be the most reliable tool to shape our future into a more inclusive, sustainable, and just world. In this context, SangSaeng No. 58 focuses on “Transforming Education and Shaping Our Futures Together” with the goal of exploring possible alternatives to educational systems and practices.




03  Editor’s Note

04   Special Column

Transformative Education for Learning to Live Together / Lim Hyun Mook 


08   FOCUS: Transforming Education and Shaping Our Futures Together

  • 08 Global Movement to Educate for Peace – Develop Hope by Focusing on an Educational Renaissance that’s Deliberate / Fernando M. Reimers
  • 12 University as the Foundation of Education – Effective Education System Discovers Attributes that Help to Excel / Madhav Das Nalapat
  • 15 Vision for a Feminist, Decolonized Education – Develop Two-accountability Education that Furthers Today’s Standard / Shamah Bulangis 


19  Best Practices

  • 19 Best of Both Worlds – Collaborative Approach to Transforming Education / Dailess Banda-Zulu and Sibylle Freiermuth
  • 23 Leading Impactful Transformation in Local Community – Grassroots Level Educational Innovation that Inspires Future Action / IniOluwa Odekunle


26  Special Report

  • 26 Asia-Pacific Education Ministers Call for Responsive Covid-19 Learning Recovery, Transformation of Education Systems – Highlights of the Second Asia-Pacific Regional Education Minister’s Conference (APREMC-II)  / Jenelle Babb, Worapot Yodpet, Seek Ling Tan  
  • 29 Transforming Education: A Call to Action – Education Stakeholders Gather to Reimagine Education and Revitalize Commitments at the Transforming Education Pre-Summit / Transforming Education Summit Secretariat


32  Story Time

My Role Model Teacher / Joseph Sandamira


34  Letter One

Cambodian Approach Toward Educational Development for Better Future Connectedness, Readiness / Mok Sarom


36  Peace in My Memory

Lost and Found Peace in War Times – Defining Secret Puzzle of Peace in War-torn Ukraine / Valeria Moroz


40  Understanding the Asia and the Pacific

Bringing Living Heritage to Asia-Pacific Classrooms – Contextualizing School Activities with Living Heritage Supports Teachers, Improves Learning Outcomes, Safeguards Living Heritage / Duong Bich Hanh and Vanessa Achilles


44  GCED Youth Network 

Shapers for Today and Tomorrow’s Education – Youth Tackle Educational Topics to Further Develop, Improve, Transform / Diego Manrique


47   Letter Two

Supporting Global Citizenship Education in Kenya / Jane Nyaga


49   APCEIU in Action

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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Globalisation and social justice / International understanding
Sustainable development / sustainability
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Transformative Education
citizenship education