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Education for Environmental Citizenship in Focus: A Booklet for Teachers With Practical Ideas for Implementation of Education for Environmental Citizenship
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Limassol | 2019 | 26 p.
ISBN 978-9963-9275-7-9
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European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) Consortium
Europe and North America
© European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) Consortium 2019

The European Network for Environmental Citizenship (ENEC) – funded as a COST Action (CA16229-Horizon 2020) – brings together more than 130 experts from 38 countries with the objective to improve the understanding, the practice and the assessment of Environmental Citizenship in Europe and the participating countries. Environmental Citizenship has been an influential concept in many different arenas such as economy, policy, philosophy, organizational and corporation management and marketing and could be better exploited and established furthermore in the field of education as well. The contemporary environmental crisis with climate change, biodiversity loss, air pollution and all other local and global environmental problems demand an education that is capable of empowering environmental citizens. Education plays a key role in shaping future environmental citizens. The Education for Environmental Citizenship pedagogical approach is a proposal that points in this direction. The approach recommends specific elements as stages and steps, but it is not mandatory to follow all of them, or to apply them in a particular linear order. Depending on the environmental problem under study, the level of education (e.g., primary or secondary) and the educational settings (e.g. formal or non-formal), the necessary differentiations and amendments can be made.


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Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Primary education
Secondary education
Non-formal education


Environmental citizenship; Civic participation; Sustainable development