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Violence Against Women and Girls: Kyrgyz Republic (Gender in Society Perception Study; Oct. 2018)
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Bishkek | 2018 | 67 p.
Elena Kim
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UN Women
Asia and the Pacific
© UN Women 2018

This report is part of the Gender in the Perception of Society (GSPS) study, funded by the UN Peacebuilding Fund, jointly run by UN Women, UNFPA and IOM in the Kyrgyz Republic. The report on the results of the study is dedicated to the topic of violence against women through the prism of two types of widespread practice of forced marriage in the Kyrgyz Republic. The report, which consists of two main sections, focuses on the practice of abducting brides and child marriages. The report attempts to explain the attitude and reaction of society to both phenomena, which deprive women of their rights and opportunities and require changes in opinions, attitudes and institutional priorities.


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Case studies and research papers
Human rights / Human dignity
Preventing violent extremism
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Human rights; Domestic violence; Sexual violence; Social justice