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Violence against Women, its forms and Legal Protection Mechanisms against it in light of Law No. 15-19 of 2015
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Algeria | 2020 | 218-239 p.
Houbah Abdel Qader,Awad Fateha
Arab States

Violence against women is a real appearance of a social phenomenon. It has been widespread in recent years since the beginning of this millennium, as violence in its material and moral appearance has become a real threat to all vulnerable groups in societies. Violence against women in all its forms is also considered a crime punishable by law, which requires combating, criminalizing it, and emphasizing its perpetrators. Since violence against women is a crime recognized today locally and internationally, most laws and legislations have come to condemn it. It also recognizes its serious, health and psychological effects on women specifically. This research paper discusses the forms of physical and moral violence practiced against her, and to identify the mechanisms adopted by the criminal Algerian legislator following the recent changes taking place in the Penal Code for the year 2015 in order to combat violence.

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