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Water Security and the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Water Security Issues Series, 1)
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Paris | 2019 | 210 p.
ISBN 978-92-3-100323-3
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The ‘Global Water Security Issues (GWSI) series’ is the product of synergy within the UNESCO system, in particular the International Water Security and Sustainable Management (i-WSSM).
The first edition of the GWSI series also seeks to demonstrate that water has a central role in all aspects of economic development and social welfare, and that concerted action via a collective approach of the water-using sectors is needed to ensure water’s many benefits are maximized and shared equitably and that water-related development goals are achieved.
While this publication is factual, containing the most current information available concerning the state of knowledge on water security in the perspective of sustainable development and covering the most recent developments that affect it, this publication also provides decision-makers with concrete examples of approaches and potential responses for addressing water security-related challenges from the perspectives of both the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and a broader political and sectoral scope, which covers development, financing, capacity-building, institutional reform and technology.
It is hoped that this publication will be a reference source on water security as it covers all aspects of human development and the cases and solutions introduced in the GWSI series can be invaluable for decision-makers, their advisors and anyone interested in – and concerned about – water security, and that this first edition will reach an ever-widening audience that includes actors outside the ‘water box’ who make or influence broad socio-economic policies that can affect water security.

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Policy and strategy materials
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Non-formal education


Drinking water; Water security; Sustainable development; Water resources management; SDGs