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Emotionen, Geschichtsbewusstsein und die Themenzentrierte Interaktion (TZI) am Beispiel des Unterrichtsprojekts zum Außenlagerkomplex Kaufering/Landsberg: “Wir machen ein KZ sichtbar”
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Ausgsburg | 2012 | 298 p.
B. Fenner
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University of Ausgsburg
Europe and North America

Based on theme-centred interaction theory, the authors analyse a project in which a group of German 9th and 10th grade students participate in a project, “We make a Concentration Camp visible,” aimed at recreating the history of the so called Lager XI, one of the eleven satellite camp complexes of Dachau concentration camp, and make an exhibition about the camp.


The above abstract is taken from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Education Research Project. Please also consult the full list of abstracts in 15 languages and the accompanying publication Research in Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust: A Dialogue Beyond Borders. Ed: IHRA, Monique Eckmann, Doyle Stevick, Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs, 2017, Metropol Verlag at

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Case studies and research papers
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Secondary education